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"Once a vinyl billboard, now a bag."



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Company Description

RAREFORM repurposes billboards to create unique bags and accessories, including surf bags, backpacks, wallets, duffle bags, laptop cases, and phone cases, for kids and adults alike.

RAREFORM intercepts billboards that would otherwise be sent to landfills to create its products. The company then cleans, cuts, and sorts that billboard vinyl, and designs products based on the colors and details available to them. The company states it repurposes approximately 20,000 pounds of billboard vinyl each month.

Brothers and RAREFORM co-founders Alec and Aric Avedissian were inspired to create RAREFORM after traveling through Latin America, where they saw billboards used as durable home roofing. The brothers source their materials from major billboard advertising companies, including Lamar Advertising and Clear Channel Outdoor. The company’s work to keep billboards out of landfills has earned it attention from major brands and organizations: it has partnered with the World Surf League, and music stars Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, and is set to launch partnerships with other major brands in 2018.

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Alec Avedissian and Aric Avedissian




Los Angeles, CA, United States