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Raven + Lily

“We believe in empowering women.”

ravenandlily.com Certified B-Corporation


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Company Description

Raven + Lily is a lifestyle brand making trend-forward apparel, jewelry, handbags, and home goods through partnerships with global artisans.

Raven + Lily is a B Corporation with a mission to empower women across the world: the company employs more than 1,500 at-risk women across ten countries, with more to come. This includes women who are escaping trafficking, homelessness, or oppressive situations, or who are HIV+. Artisans are given fair wages, healthcare, and other tools to succeed in their communities. Each purchase of a Raven + Lily product also contributes to funding female entrepreneurs with microloans.

Raven + Lily is committed to eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and preserving traditional craft in every one of its modern designs. People magazine recently featured a Raven + Lily stationary set: “It’s made from recycled cotton. It’s created by women in India who earn a living wage from their work. And it’s terribly chic.”

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