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Reclaim Arbor

"Reclaim. Renew. Replant."



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Company Description

Reclaim Arbor produces high-end, peel-and-stick wall paneling made from 100% recycled and reclaimed wood.

Reclaim Arbor works to keep used wood out of landfills, and help reduce harmful emissions from old wood. In addition to reclaiming used wood otherwise destined for landfills, the company plants a tree for every box of wood it sells. Reclaim Arbor aims to plant 1 million new trees all across Asia, Africa, and North America. Once they’ve made their purchase, customers can keep track of the tree planting process they made possible.

Reclaim Arbor sources its wood from old barn houses, decaying buildings, decommissioned infrastructure, and government projects across the United States. The company states that its proprietary, non-toxic adhesives won’t harm paints, and won’t leave a residue.

Price Range

$279 per box


George Chao and Alex Griffith




San Francisco, CA, United States