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Ripple Foods

"Dairy Free. As it should be."

ripplefoods.com/ Certified B-Corporation
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Company Description

Ripple Foods is a beverage company offering a dairy-free milk alternative made from peas.

As a Certified B Corp, Ripple is committed to meeting the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. As a milk alternative, peas are incredibly sustainable — unlike water hungry almonds or greenhouse gas emitting cattle, peas have a very small environmental footprint. Pea milk requires 98.5% less water than dairy milk and 96% less water than almond milk during the manufacturing process. Ripple also packages their milk in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic containers, which are themselves 100% recyclable and have a carbon footprint that’s 75-80% lower than that of standard milk cartons.

Named by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies for their unique production processes and creating a new non-dairy milk alternative with mass market appeal, Ripple is making waves. Their dairy products are 100% natural, vegan and plant-based, gluten-, soy-, dairy-, lactose-, nut-, GMO-, and carrageenan-free. Plus, pea milk is incredibly nutritious — it contains 8 times the protein of almond milk, and half the sugar but 50% more calcium than dairy milk. Bonus: peas are easily digested, and hypoallergenic to boot.

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Emeryville, CA, United States