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ROAR for Good

"Live your life boldly and without fear."

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Company Description

ROAR for Good produces the Athena wearable safety device and mobile app.

ROAR’s mission is to reduce the number of assaults and associated worry around the world by providing a discreet, rapid-response self-defense technology for users. The Athena device, a small circular electronic button that can clip on to any part of your outfit or accessories, can help alert a user’s friends and family – or even dial 9-1-1 – if they need help, or check in to let them know they are safe. The Athena app includes location-based services as well as basic self-defense tips and related news. For each device sold, ROAR for Good states that it donates a portion of its proceeds to educational programs focused on increasing empathy and reducing violence.

Yasmine Mustafa founded ROAR for Good after hearing stories of assault throughout a lengthy trek across Latin America, and then again upon her return to the United States. She was convinced a new form of self-defense was necessary after learning that more traditional methods were not taking hold among women, in particular. The company’s core audience to date has been primarily women in large urban areas, runners, parents with teenagers, and college students, though companies and non-profits alike are now using the device to help protect sales force associates and social service volunteers, among others.

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