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Company Description

Rothy’s produces versatile flat shoes for women. The shoes, sold online only, come in three styles: “the Point” (a pointed-toe ballet flat), “the Flat” (a round-toe ballet flat), and “the Loafer.”

The founders of Rothy’s engineered their shoes with one goal in mind: make comfortable, sustainable women’s flats, and reduce waste in the process. The result is a line of shoes in which the fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles for the “uppers” (the material that covers your foot), soles are made from carbon-free recyclable rubber, and insoles are made from recyclable foam. Rothy’s proprietary 3-D knitting process cuts down on yarn waste and leftovers. In 2017, the company launched Rothy’s Recycling, which encourages customers to send their old Rothy’s back to be transformed into carpet tiles, yoga mats, outsoles, and new Rothy’s insoles. In 2018, the company introduced its partnership with Happy Returns, which offers locations across the United States at which customers can return their shoes in person, without handling mailing slips and post office lines.

Rothy’s was founded by a former investment banker and a former art gallery director. Inspired by the simplicity of a children’s shoe, and observing the difficulties their wives had finding comfortable, lasting flats, the two men began designing a solution. In 2015, Rothy’s was born. The company has since garnered attention through social media and celebrity endorsements. Gwyneth Paltrow recently featured Rothy’s in her San Francisco pop-up shop, goop MRKT., and The New York Times featured the company in a June 2017 article, asking, “What if your environmentally correct shoes were also cute?”

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