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Ruby Cup

“You can help change a girl’s life for the better.”



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Company Description

Ruby Cup sells an alternative to tampons or pads – a cup.

Ruby Cup seeks to empower girls around the world by making and providing what they view to be a safer and more sustainable alternative to tampons and pads. The company uses eco-friendly materials to produce its cups. When a Ruby Cup is purchased, a second cup is shipped to partners who teach sexual health education to the millions of girls and women who might otherwise be left without effective menstrual products or knowledge about their bodies. The cups are reusable, so they can be helpful for years in the future.

Ruby Cup’s website features a breadth of informational content, including a blog with fun facts and tips about women’s health, such as why you should drink red raspberry leaf tea before and during your period.

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Maxie Matthiessen, Veronica D'Souza, and Julie Weigaard Kjær




Barcelona, Spain