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Company Description

SOLO Eyewear designs and sells eco-friendly sunglasses for men and women.

SOLO was founded with a mission to help restore eyesight to those in need. To do it, the company donates 10% of profits to non-profit organizations, funding eye exams, eyeglasses and cataract surgeries. To date, the company has helped restore vision for more than 15,000 people across four continents. The company is also dedicated to protecting the planet, making all its sunglasses from repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic. SOLO states that it is also deeply committed to sourcing all materials ethically: SOLO manufacturers must meet audit benchmarks for worker protection and health management, and chemical management, among other criteria. The company’s accessories are sourced from female artisans in Guatemala.

SOLO Eyewear founders Jenny Amaraneni and Dana Holliday founded their company while still in business school in California. Inspired by the statistic that 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable, they combined their studies in entrepreneurship and design to launch a company that could help one billion people worldwide gain better eyesight. SOLO Eyewear has since garnered attention from major news outlets for its work to help people and planet, including spots on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America, and articles in TIME and Forbes, among many others.

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