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“We believe in clean drinking water for all.”

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Company Description

Soma is a water bottle, filter and beverage container company that believes in using smart design and transparency to inform all of their products.

In a planet continuously filling with more and more preventable waste, plastic water bottles epitomize this issue. Soma has a cleaner vision for the future, and all of their vessels utilize BPA-free plastic with filters made from plant-based ingredients. For every Soma filter sold, they donate 1% of revenue to Charity:water, in addition to matching 100% of all employee donations and fundraising campaigns.

Founder Michael del Ponte was inspired by frustration with a top water filter competitor’s clunky design, cleaning up a water spill from a pitcher one night and complaining to a friend that “Why can’t they design something like this that works?” His friend’s response was “Why don’t we do it?” and the rest is history.

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Mike Del Ponte, Zach Allia, Rohan Oza, and Ido Leffler




San Francisco, CA, United States