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Sseko Shoes

“Wear Sseko, send a girl to college.”



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Company Description

Sseko is a conscious fashion brand that employs high potential women in Uganda to make handcrafted leather sandals and accessories.

By providing dignified employment to these Ugandan artisans, Sseko seeks to provide women with the funds towards a college education to help them pursue their dreams. The company matches 100% of all funds these women earn to pay for their college tuition. Sseko employs more than 50 women at a time, and have enabled 60 women to attend university. All products are designed in and ethically sourced from East Africa.

Customers have the option to host a Sseko trunk show and provide a space for women to learn about the brand and its mission while also earning free goodies.  To add to their customer enrichment, Sseko runs a blog with insightful articles such as ‘3 Clutter-Free Ways to Add Personality to Your Closet.’

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