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Starvation Alley Farms

"Rooted in the celebration of food and grounded in respect for the people and places that grow it."

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Company Description

Starvation Alley Farms is a Pacific Northwest company that makes cranberry juice and sauce.

As a major pioneer in the organic cranberry industry, they’re passionate about supporting organic farming in the Northwest. The first of 1,700 acres of cranberry farms in WA to become Certified Organic, now they work to incentivize other local farms to follow the same path.

It’s a switch that’s vitally important to protecting the environment — conventional growing methods can pollute groundwater with toxic fertilizers. While the farms are going through the 3-year transition process to Organic certification, Starvation Alley continues to purchase from them and support them. Ultimately, growing cranberries organically keeps 100 pounds of synthetic chemicals per acre out of the local watershed each year.

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Jessika Tantisook, Jared Oakes, Alex Mondau, and Alana Kambury




Long Beach, Washington, USA