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Stonyfield Farm

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Company Description

Stonyfield Farm produces organic yogurt and dairy products.

Stonyfield donates 10% of profits to environmental protection and restoration efforts through its Profits for the Planet Program. The program focuses on family farming, slowing or reversing climate change, organic agriculture and reduction of toxins from the food supply, and avoiding adverse health impacts from environmental and agricultural practices.

Stonyfield Farm began as a non-profit, organic farming school, dedicated to protecting family farms and the environment. Founders Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirschberg started making yogurt as a way to fund the school. The yogurt was a success, and the pair quickly realized that they could make more of an impact as a successful organic company than they could as a school, shifted their vision, and created a yogurt company making foods free of toxic pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.

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Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirschberg




Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA