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Synced Smiles Toothbrushes

“Thank you for the helping the world smile a little brighter.”



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    Companies that donate funds or products to benefit important causes and people in need.

Company Description

Synced Smiles is a toothbrush company, offering a subscription service for products ranging from biodegradable bark brushes to classic electric brushes.

Synced Smiles wants to help the global community gain access to oral care. With every toothbrush ordered from Synced Smiles, 10 are donated to people in need. The company partners with organizations around the globe, including Uranji Child-Care Trust, Saint Anthony Foundation San Francisco, and the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project.

The company was founded by Paul Applegate, who, after ten years of working in the tech industry in the Bay Area of California, decided to focus his attention on solving the global health crisis.

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Paul Applegate




San Francisco, CA, United States