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Textbooks for Change

"Education is a Human Right."

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Company Description

Textbooks for Change is an online distributor of used university & college textbooks.

The company donates 50% of all the books they collect to African universities in need every year. They also sell affordable used books (20% of all the books they collect) to students, and use the proceeds to help fund student-led social impact initiatives. Plus, on an environmental front, 30% of the books they collect are efficiently recycled and diverted from ending up in landfills. To date, they’ve donated over 225,000 textbooks to campus libraries, given $250,000 in donations and micro-loans, and recycled 400,000 books.

Founder Chris Janssen found his initial inspiration for the company when, as a university student, he realized just how many old school books were sitting around dorm rooms. Years later, while lecturing in East Africa, he saw what out-of-date and poorly supplied materials students there were working with. Put two and two together, and you end up with Textbooks for Change, founded in 2014. Today, you can browse over 15,000 affordable used books on their Amazon store. The company runs textbook collections through dedicated drop-boxes, goodwill locations, and fundraising drives on campuses across the country. Their mission: to help everyone learn from quality materials, regardless of their geographic location or economic status.

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