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The Honest Company

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Company Description

Founded by actress Jessica Alba with the simple desire to make making the right choices for families easier, The Honest Company has developed a comprehensive line of cleaning, child and personal care products all made without harmful chemicals or compounds.

Emphasizing transparency with their ingredients and production standards, the company seeks to be a role model both in business and their approach to community. As of August 31, 2017, The Honest Company has donated over 10.5 million diapers and 1.5 million home and personal care products to various nonprofits and charitable causes.

In a 2015 issue of Glamour, the magazine reported on the brand’s growing popularity with consumers, “Fans are drawn to it for the same reasons they love Alba: it’s super-pretty, down-to-earth and epitomizes healthy living.”

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Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan




Los Angeles, CA, United States