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“We are committed to more than just giving.”

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    Companies that donate funds or products to benefit important causes and people in need.

Company Description

TOMS started as a casual shoe brand, and has expanded to sell sunglasses, bags, clothing, and coffee (through TOMS Roasting Co.).

The brand is among the first to gain widespread attention for a ‘One for One’ model, meaning every item purchased purchase results in another donated to someone in need. TOMS’ model gives shoes to children in need for every footwear purchase; prescription glasses or medical treatments for each eyewear purchase; safe drinking water for each coffee purchase; birth attendant education and materials for every bag purchase; and anti-bullying counselor training for every backpack purchase.

TOMS works with more than 100 giving partners worldwide to bring its giving mission to life. President Clinton once introduced Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, as “one of the most interesting entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.”

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