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“Vélosophy is part bicycle and part philosophy.”



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Company Description

With production by local craftsmen in Romania, Vélosophy creates colorful bikes and biking accessories.

With every bike sold, a bike is given to a schoolgirl in a developing country, giving them freedom to travel. The company points out that giving a girl a bike can increase her presence in school by 30% and improve results as much as 60%. The company goes on to state that an extra year of education increases a girl’s income by 10-20%, helping break the cycle of poverty.

Based in Sweden, Vélosophy is a favorite of the design and fashion community, and the company cites model Elsa Hosk as a brand ambassador. The company recently released the 2017 Ve Pink Edition, dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

Price Range

Bikes <$1,400


Jimmy Östholm




Stockholm, Sweden