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Warby Parker

“Everyone has the right to see”

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Company Description

Warby Parker creates eyewear in vintage and modern styles with unusually affordable prices.

Warby Parker’s commitment to keeping prices low has had a major effect on an industry that had been traditionally dominated by one company working to keep the cost of glasses artificially high. In addition to making glasses more accessible, Warby Parker partners with nonprofits like Vision Spring to ensure that whenever a pair is sold, another is donated to someone in need.

The company was originally created by students, with the idea originating when one of the founders lost his glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that he spent the first semester of grad school without them, squinting and complaining. By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, Warby Parker has been able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the usual price.

Price Range

Approx. $150

Founded By

Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider

Year Founded



New York, NY, United States