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“Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps us healthy and happy.”



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Company Description

WeWood offers a unique line of watches and eyewear made from wood.

The first company to create wrist watches from wood, WeWood’s products are completely free of toxic and artificial materials, and made using exotic remnant hardwoods from around the world. All of the wood used is reclaimed and recycled. With every WeWood item purchased, a tree is planted, with the goal of planting 1 million trees by 2020. With the help of customers and partners, WeWOOD has planted 442,246 trees across the globe since the company’s reforestation program began in 2010.

WeWood points out that even in an era of smart technology, traditional wrist watches are still one of the most-worn accessories among both men and women. The company argues that, as the ultimate renewable resource, wood makes a statement that is both fashionable and sustainable.

Price Range

Eyewear: <$170. Watches: <$470.


Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi, and Emma Bogren




Lamporecchio, Italy