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"Passionate about sustainable fishing."

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Company Description

Wild Planet sells sustainably sourced, shelf-stable seafood.

The conventional seafood industry is notorious for being environmentally harmful and highly unsustainable — Wild Planet makes noteworthy efforts to the contrary. They’re dedicated to the conservation of wild marine ecosystems, and support environmentally conscious organizations in pursuit of preserving our oceans. They catch all of their tuna with pole and line or by trolling, allowing them to catch their target fish, and their target fish only, with little error; over catching or catching unintended marine wildlife is a huge issue when it comes to protecting species and preserving population levels. They use the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program recommendations when choosing their products, and never sell “red” or “Avoid” species of fish.

Wild Planet is a pioneer in transparency, and shares detailed information about their practices on their website — for starters, all of their products are coded and traceable back to specific, eco-friendly fisheries. They also rely on a unique packaging process, where using just a bit of salt on raw tuna steaks rather than packaging the tuna with lots of water results in a more flavorful and nutritious product. Wild Planet works directly with their fishing boats, and applies three major criteria to all of their catches: the biomass of the fish must be healthy, the habitat can’t be damaged by the fishing method, and the catch method must be free of excessive by-catch.

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