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Zellee Organic

“It’s Aloha-licious!”

Zellee Organics plant-based jelly snack Zellee Organics plant-based jelly snack


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Company Description

Zellee produces plant-based fruit jelly snacks in three flavors: strawberry pear, blueberry grape, and orange peach.

A member of 1% for the Planet, Maui-based Zellee donates 1% of profits to support local non-profits, schools, and food banks. The company also partners with Terracycle to recycle waste. Zellee’s “jel packs” were designed specifically to include only organic, non-GMO, natural and locally-sourced ingredients, and are produced without added sugar, artificial ingredients, animal gelatin, carrageenan or added color.

Zellee’s founders were inspired to start the company after searching tirelessly for easy, on-the-go, allergen-free snacks for their children. They decided to recreate a modern take on a Japanese snack founder Eriko’s mother made for her as a child, and after seeing the popularity of their initial recipes among family and friends, they set to work on their business. The key ingredient to the company’s gelatinized texture is the Konjac plant, which is native to Eastern Asia, making their product completely vegan. Zellee’s is available online via their website or Amazon, or through retailers across the U.S. Fun fact: “Zellee” is Japanese for “jelly.”

Price Range

$24 for 12 pack


Eriko Dowd




Maui, HI, United States