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Adidas Pledges to Switch to 100% Recycled Polyester by 2024

July 17, 2018

From Starbucks’ pledge to eliminate plastic straws to Dunkin’ Donuts’ plan to make the switch from foam to paper cups, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the plastic revolution.

Most recently, Adidas — according to a piece in the Financial Times, published this week — has vowed to eliminate virgin polyester from their products by 2024. As the world’s second largest sportswear brand, the switch to recycled polyester represents a huge shift in the industry towards sustainability.

It’s not a transition that can occur overnight, but as consumers put more pressure on brands to embrace environmentally friendly practices there’s no doubt that more and more businesses will follow suit.

As the FT piece notes, “…industry experts believe the price gap between recycled and new plastics will close in the coming years as more companies shift to renewables and suppliers increase their ability to produce recycled materials in large quantities.”

The fact that industry leaders like Adidas — or Good Companies like Stella McCartney — are taking steps to protect our planet and its resources is huge, and a wonderful reminder of the potential for consumer demand to create positive change in the world.