sustainability trends, like paper straws, can dissolve without proper care sustainability trends, like paper straws, can dissolve without proper care
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The Style Section Takes On Sustainability Trends

October 11, 2019

The Style Section Takes On Sustainability Trends

Flipping through the print edition of The New York Times’ Style section this morning, we were pleased to see two articles about sustainability trends. Both articles share a lot of promising news. The attention from the paper of record really shows the impact consumers are already making!


“Even a few years ago, brands were reluctant to even utter the word ‘sustainability’ for fear of being accused of greenwashing, and thought nothing of sacrificing fields of flowers for Instagram impact. Now, all of a sudden, they can’t stop talking about it.”


In the first piece, chief fashion critic Vanessa Friedman turned a somewhat skeptical eye on the boom in environmentalism on display at fashion week. Her main concern? The fashion industry’s track record of abandoning causes once they’re no longer on-trend. Thankfully, we’re confident that conscious shopping is more than a fad and companies can keep making strides forward.


“Now hundreds of hospitality venues in New York City don’t have a single plastic straw on the premises. Many of them, including Soho House, give customers paper straws automatically.”


The second article looks at paper and reusable straws, and how they’ve become a cultural signifier of sustainability. Of course, passing on plastic straws isn’t a fix-all solution to the plastic crisis, but it certainly helps. Companies absolutely can — and will — reduce plastic waste in many ways; this is just the beginning.


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