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The Wall Street Journal Talks Sustainable Fashion

March 16, 2018

For those in the know, sustainability has always been in style. According to a piece in The Wall Street Journal this week, “one of the buzziest jobs in the fashion industry is…sustainability director,” a distinctly recent development and an important industry-wide step toward a better future.

This shift comes as the result of a new generation of socially responsible consumers demanding higher standards and more transparency from businesses. It’s the start of a pivotal transformation in the world of fashion, and — by definition — Good Companies are leading the charge.

Shona Quinn, the sustainability leader at Eileen Fisher, gets a mention in the WSJ piece as a member of the new band of intrepid innovators hired to overhaul current industry practices. A certified B Corporation, Eileen Fisher has actively built a company where human rights and sustainability have been integral to good business since 1984.

Whether brands are founded with sustainability at the forefront or are just beginning to make moves toward it, there’s no missing the growing trend. Take Rothy’s, where shoes are made using programs that produce zero waste from 100% recycled materials, and can be returned to be once again recycled into carpet tiles, yoga mats, and more.

Want more? There’s ECOALF’s call to action, #BecauseThereIsNoPlanetB; bureo’s work to protect our oceans; Naadam’s dedication to sustainable production; and Stella McCartney’s pursuit of increasingly innovative vegetarian materials — all of these companies are striving for a better world and making change happen, one beautiful piece at a time.

Check out the full list of Good Companies creating sustainable clothing and accessories:

In the words of Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen, “It is difficult to desire what we cannot imagine as a possibility.” Supporting cutting-edge sustainable companies like these is a way to build the world we want to see — and look good doing it, too.