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The Making Of A Name

January 16, 2018

Would the people we know and remember be part of the history books if their names were less memorable? If Marilyn Monroe had continued to go by Norma Jean, or Cary Grant remained Archibald Leach, would they have had the impact on society for which we know them? Would Donald Trump be in the position he is in today if he had a different name? Here are some stories behind the names of some of our companies, which themselves point towards making a difference.

OORR – The name OORR, short for “Out of the Rat Race”, highlights the Australian performance wear brand’s commitment to breaking free, getting out into the wild, and following one’s dreams. OORR believes that experiencing the outdoors is important for everyone, and that what’s good for people can be good for the planet, too.

Tesla – Technology company Tesla borrows its name from famous 19th and early 20th century physicist/engineer Nikola Tesla, who designed an innovative, self-starting electrical system that was intended to make energy supply universally accessible. The Tesla company’s own over-achieving goal is to develop technology that will bring this same concept into the modern era.

baby teresa – Mother Teresa said: “I can do things you cannot do. You can do things I cannot do. Together we can do great things.” baby teresa, founded in 2009, was started by two mothers with the desire to provide meaningful baby items while giving back, in the spirit of Mother Teresa. On top of its buy one, give one model, baby teresa donates to orphanages and charities that empower women throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Bluer Denim – A Japanese saying roughly translating to “bluer than indigo” is used to say, “the student has surpassed the teacher.” True to the company’s name, Bluer Denim jeans industry veteran Jeffrey Todd Shafer is challenging the denim industry’s status quo, beginning with establishing a circular business model (customers are incentivized to donate old jeans – which will in turn be donated to those in need), and a transparent manufacturing process.

Pacha Soap – While volunteering in Peru, the founders of Pacha Soap Co. were so inspired by the local Quechua people’s deep connection to nature that they named their brand after the Quechua word for “earth”. The brand’s commitment to natural and sustainable products, and to providing opportunities and community development through donations and clean water initiatives carry on this influence.

Boudavida – The legendary Boudicca, queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe, is said to have led a revolt against occupying Rome in ancient times. Is there a better namesake than that for a mother-daughter team passionate about female strength and athleticism?

The Brave Collection – The Brave Collection is named in honor of its very own ‘brave’ Cambodian artisans, many of whom are single mothers or victims of human trafficking and abuse and come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Article22 – Named after a section of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that speaks to the societal rights of the individual, Article22 makes artisan jewelry designed to highlight relevant issues of the day. Article22’s first collection, named PEACEBOMB, transforms weapons into jewelry by utilizing Vietnam War shrapnel and donates resources to clean-up efforts.